How to improve Quality of Life during and after cancer with Ashwagandha

It’s not just coping with the physical and emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis, but more importantly, due to reduced stamina and energy levels, the quality of life that takes quite a beating, and this can be extremely difficult to accept.


Are you overwhelmed by fatigue or anxiety when you wake up in the morning?

Does the day seem endless with so much work to get done, but you just can’t get yourself to concentrate?

Do you feel run-down and lack the endurance and stamina to do your job or hit the gym?

Maybe something as enjoyable as a visit to a park, or the beach, or even your child’s school play seems like another chore?


Everyday stress is unavoidable in the world we live in. Demanding jobs, erratic schedules, and a list of never ending to-dos do take their toll on us, and these factors that are may always seem beyond your control can have a far-reaching impact on your overall health. There are times when we all wish there was a little Hercules in each of us to give us a boost with his boundless energy levels.


If you are one of those endearing Marvel Super Heroes known for pushing the limits and achieving the impossible, but feel a little worn out around the edges, the good news is there is a simple and all-natural health solution that will help your body cope with daily stress, reduce pain and swelling, and even improve your thinking ability.


The benefits of creating and following an exercise regimen, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, etc. are well known. However, herbs like Ashwagandha are adaptogenicagents that work not just on the problem areas, but also on your entire body. Used in Ayurvedic, Indian, Unani, and traditional African medicine for a wide array of ailments, ‘Ashwagandha’ or Indian ginseng is known to promote well being, boost energy levels, and it can help you cope with those occasional pangs of anxiety too.


The active ingredients (Withanolides) in Ashwagandhacalm the brain, boost immunity, and lower blood pressure. Right from treating insomnia, backache, hiccups, leukoderma, and menstrual problems to alleviating the symptoms associated with serious health problems like asthma, bronchitis arthritis, anxiety, tumors, tuberculosis, fibromyalgia, and chronic liver disease, this herb is renowned for its curative properties.


After reading this, you may have some questions about the safety or side effects of Ashwagandha. Ayurvedic holistic practice and organic processes work in unison to help you reap the numerous benefits of using Ashwagandha. To date, studies show no evidence of side effects associated with this natural herb. Gentle, nourishing, and revered for centuries in India’s herbal tradition, Ashwagandha is nature’s gift to help you cope effectively with stress while elevating the performance levels of your mind and body. However, tt’s important that you chose a rich source of this medicinal herb that doesn’t containing artificial ingredients.


There are several products containing Ashwagandha that may have been extracted through questionable chemical processes. Choosing products containing KSM-66, root extracts of Ashwagandhawith the highest percentage of Withanolides is an excellent choice. KSM-66 is the only formulation in which the natural ratio of all the other beneficial compounds in Ashwagandha responsible for its ability to promote relaxation and help the body manage symptoms of stress is preserved.


Oncoveda’s CANGARD Series features KSM-66, the best Ashwagandha extract that is available in the world.